Friday, January 21, 2005

to clarence

aiy clarence!!!

please don self proclaim yourself as wat band head thing?!

wat crap...... pls la
ppl won be amazed
idiot!!!!crap la you
you have only one cca!!!
that is ncc..... get it!!!!!

you are not related to band! in any way or another

michele at 6:57 PM


just an update of mua boooooooring life

eeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwww- - - -

some ppl just totally suck! oh mua gosh!
so bhb......... talkin crap abt other people...... makin fun of ppl

you think all this bullshit is fun?!

you want to play i'll play!

you wondering why i hate you so bloody much>?!

cause you like to bullshit around ppl abt others and like to make fun of them

i'm so bloody pissed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

michele at 6:22 PM


Saturday, January 08, 2005

some lines-rawk on

rawk on dudes! kekekekes
luv ya so much

michele at 5:46 PM



hi hi~*
so loong never write already...
anywaez skool just started-and i think i'm gonna love it! So many nice ppl around and stuff...somemore everydae can see my dear wife-eadelin- hee hee

there is one thing that i hate in skool-mrs teh.... she totally sucks! alwaes give us black face even when we do nothin wrong-plain EVIL! hmph.... she's our chemistry teacher who is proud to be 55 years old-stupid right?

but anywae..i think i'll enjoy skool - at least get to see someone that i like - and crap with my frens..hee hee ~*

michele at 4:44 PM