Saturday, September 23, 2006

all you freaking stingrays out there !

this is a tribute to steve irwin - our hero

i've always loved watching the crocodile hunter - grew up watching it . it's such a pity that steve irwin died at such a young age . he's supposed to be someone who braves everything and takes on huge risks and manage to get out of it safely . however this time , he got stung by a stupid sting ray which is totally hilarious . he braved crocodiles , sharks and other fiercer animals but in the end , he got killed by a freaking sting ray - amusing huh!

he never fails to smile and what touched me most is what he said about his mission in life . he said that he believed that God placed him on this earth to save the endagered wildlife and that he will never stop doing that . i believe that he will remain in our hearts and be part of our memory forever.

thank you steve irwin , for opening up my eyes to the wildlife which you have placed your whole life to save .i thank you for everything that you have done to make this world a better place :)

michele at 2:06 PM


alright... so i've gotten back my results and have 13 pts ( including bonus pts) for prelims but i really don't know here the hell should i go now... some ask me not to go to CJC while othere say that CJC is better ... oh well i can't be bothered anymore
anyway the freaking phoon yu now has 75 marks for history as well - it's so unfair ! mr hardi moderated his marks and pushed him up to A1 ! now we have the same marks :( it's really a bad thing.
anyway yeaterday all the history students had a graduation "ceremony" where mr hardi prepared a phot and a note all placed in a sealed envelop for us . that moment was so so touching ... only mr hardi can do that ( can't imagine fong doing that ) i'll miss mr hardi the most - he'll be leaving the school together with us which means that i'll have to get his hp no. before he leaves - i'll miss mr hardi

yay! raine is coming back in a weeks time :) i can't wait to see her -i miss you so much !

and then we'll have to take more pictures together !

wang lee hom rocks :)

michele at 1:44 PM


Friday, September 15, 2006

heh heh heh !

i got A1 for my History exam ! yay! i'm like super happy :) i beat phoon yu ! that's what matters i guess .... i even beat him to class ( i wonder why does he always wanna be the first to step into class - totally weird ) just look at the size of his mouth ... woahhhh.. it's humongous

however i'm also kinda feeling sad cause i lost my class photos ! and i sms glendon asking him whether he saw it or not ... but then i got the wrong number ! horrible ! oh no .. i'm afraid that the cleaners would throw them away ! oh well

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Thursday, September 14, 2006

i had this done on racial harmony day ! i love it ! :)

later that day , me nad jia yi went to esplanade to watch the fire works but then it was super crowded and we went all over the place to find a stupid toilet ... we were supposed to meet ead and glendon but it was too crowded ! when the fireworks show ended , we ran all the way back to the mrt station - luckily it wasn't that crowded yet or else we'll be trapped there for at least an hr . it was really fun ! especially with my buddy jia yi :) remember the cute security guy ? hahah

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haven't written in quite a long time and here are the photos of phoon yu just like i promised :)

i think that he's face looks really platicized - really creepy -

he looks like glendon in this picture ( sorry don't have his photo )

anyway last thursday , i had cell grp in sean's house and i led games ! i'm sure they were really horrified by me :) we played pass the parcel and then the battle of the sexes started .... males really and truly do not have any organizational skills ! it's really pathetic !

and i made sean drink this - he said it tasted a lot like milk and of course it did becasue i added in lots of milk - it's my latest concoction :) i'm sure it tasted really " great "

it looks really appetizing don't you think !?

i made my cell members do all sort of silly stuff - it's really fun to be the game master ! one should seize every oppurtunity to be one

even our new fren cannot be spared !

michele at 7:58 PM