Thursday, January 11, 2007

i know i haven't updated for a really really long time ... even after the o's had ended. i was and am too lazy to type . since now i have the time , i shall add a new post .
anyway i'm currently in CJC . there are lots of eye candies there :) the people there are really fun too!!!

the two hotties :)

anyway during the holidays i went to BBG camp and had a lot of fun. the highlight of the camp was the karaoke session .

we're the best !

my brother won the best teenage singer award !!! so i got like a $150 ed hardy vouvher to spend !!!!:) hahah . he sang james blunt you're beautiful . i must say that crystal went gaga ... errr... hahaha ( goosebumps )
we had fun right ? torrance tai shin chi ?

on the third day we had our dinner at the animal safari place and there were orangutans , can you see the striking resemblance ? haha . that's john :)

snakes , iguana, a black monkey and elephants there . john carried one monkey . what a striking resemblance !! doctor chan who looks like a guy from my school ( ah pai) carried a python ... like ewww ... i believe that snake snakes are like frogs and toads ... which are really sick creatures !!

then we went back to the hotel room and then we took lots of pictures . i think that john was like damn pissed la .. but then he still posed for us :) hahah ..

yup when we came back from m'sai , my daddy graduated from SOT - school of theology ... so proud of him ... dr chan also graduated with him -


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