Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fun with Pie

Today was the last day I got to spend with my dear old friends :D
we went to the obstacle course behind the hostel since cheryl hasn't been there before. We took tons and tons of photos

And i think that AH PIE is so cute ! hahaha :D
( i know you'll be reading this...)
and we were talking about first impressions and reminiscing the first time we met each other.
Cheryl : Michele doesn't look like Singaporean what. Ah pie right ?
Ah Pie : Now I know her she like a Singaporean.
Cheryl : No like the first time
Ah Pie : oh ya. She look like Japanese Korean Chinese
Luo Er : Ya ya
Me: Really ? Yay !

don't mess with ah pie

During History mock review

Ms Narindar : You have to put AFC in!
Luo Er: ( turns to me ) I feel like eating KFC cheese fries...

I'll really miss all of you .... and all the stupid things we do :D

michele at 8:11 PM


alright girls . pictures can be taken from here

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Monday, October 13, 2008

Wang Lee Hom

I found some of my past videos :)

and I know Cheryl will love em because it's Wang Lee Hom :D I took these videos when he came to visit in 2006. You'll realise that I'm very close to him ! beyond the barricade and just in front of the stage. He was so close and I like it that way :)

JEALOUS ? hahah you should be :)
Thanks so much Raine and Raine's uncle :D ( It's good to know friends who are well connected )

michele at 9:55 AM


Saturday, October 11, 2008


I feel so lonely.

DAD and MUM are out of town
Nick went out with Laura and Aunty Lily
My maid can't speak English
My dog can't even talk
Ah Ma's not around too ( although she bought me bird nests - she says that I need to rejuvenate myself after studying so hard )

I can only hear the fan's blades spinning and the water fountain trickling..... and not to mention my dog's footsteps as he prances around the house

michele at 9:10 PM


Friday, October 10, 2008

2T04 : a wonderful memory :)

Finally , We've all graduated today :) I'll definitely miss the times we laughed together ( maybe at teachers " Leng Seng kopi the asssay" , Sam says something funny and only after 3 seconds mdm Damo laughs )
It's been a really wholesome two years and I've met many extraordinary friends that can never ever be replaced by anyone, ever.
Although we had our differences, we've worked around them and just enjoyed ourselves to the fullest !

I've learnt many new things from my friends too, especially this year:
Cheryl : marriage and marriage
Luo Er : boys ( what else can she talk about ? )
Sam: Modelling ( smile with your eyes ) + Tops and shoes
Corinne: Max
Zen: Bush, the USA + Farming
Ngee Derk : Not all Malaysians are Malays
Jason : Ba Chor Mee goes well with loads of fried onions
Van: Looking serious doesn't mean you are serious ( she always looks real serious, but she's not . I never ever know when she's telling a joke...)
Mel: that band guy is hot
Ah Pai: Eating chicken breast makes you strong + jean grey will become the rebirth + having muscles IS everything
Viggy: it pays to be friendly ( i was the first person from T4 to talk to him ) + he likes Japanese girls in their school uniform
Dinesh: Not ALL boys are perverts + he wants to marry a chinese
Yus : she knows everything ! ( maybe it's because she's so small she can manouvere around and listen... )
Maine : how to be a really sweet girl :) and yet get 80 something for math!!!!
Anne: it takes real courage to lead a class !
He's not a porn star + he's got good acting skills

I'll always love all of you :D
Invite me to your weddings !!! I don't mind being a bridesmaid, but only if I'm not married YET !

michele at 9:49 PM