Wednesday, November 24, 2004


hi hi>_<
just came back from malaysia yesterdae..onli stayed there for 3 daes 2's like super rush...and i didn't have enough sleep..looking like a panda now....i had to work there( me joy and clair had to fill 300 water bombs for the games ) we had to carry pails of water because the guys died...fancy having the gals doin the guys joy and clair shared a was like in usual i'm alwaes the first to fall asleep..kekes( but i'm the first to wake up ...yeah!) .... although it was tiring but it was still very fun....

i'll be goin to bangkok soon [this comin fridae] and i still have not packed my bag.....(be goin there for band competition) looks like my holidaes are being eaten up..(and i have not touched my holidae homework---ooops)
haiz...i would miss sean and marvin ...cannot see them for like a month....when they come back i'll be heading for beijing...but at least i'll be enjoying myself there...haha[it's snowing...yipee!)
i'll miss e337 too...won't be able to see them for a veri long time

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