Thursday, April 28, 2005

guys just totally suck - right gals?
but some just suck even more !

michele at 5:00 PM



this week totally sucks!
so many test to do !

anyway , yeaterday our class went to an island . guess wat?
it was Jurong island- such a terrible waste of time . and we had to pay $1 for entrance which is like so dumb la.
i think the only time that i really laughed was in the journey to that freaking island and the journey back to school . sat next to my buddy sheng wei and kept disturbing him. suddenly like to inflict pain on him - haha - he's like super weird lor . ask me to eat paper when i said i wanted oreo - oh ya ! where's my oreo?horrible guy
some more got ppl(lower sec) sae he very cute and gentlemently hor ? hahahahahahahaha so funny !!!

anywaes ,
i'll just try to update more often
keep laughing and smiling yeah?


michele at 4:50 PM


Monday, April 25, 2005

i'll do whatever i want and whatever i like.

michele at 9:17 PM


Friday, April 22, 2005

i'm so so so so so so unhappy!
freaking ppl -

michele at 8:35 PM


some ppl are just soooooo..... urgh!
but luckily for them or him , God still loves you !

michele at 8:09 PM


Monday, April 18, 2005


c'mon and prove to me that guys are NOT just a bunch of WHIMPS and LOSERS

michele at 8:20 PM


Wednesday, April 13, 2005


we got
i'm so so so so happy!
mr and mrs chua(our conductors)
confirm very happy one!
we worked so hard for this
staying back everyday to have sectionals and combine
all of us are so happy!
just to inform the ppl out there
we did this for ourselves
we worked so hard and got gold just for the band's future
it's not for the school
and especially not for mr chua(our principal)!
all the juniors would defitenately miss all the seniors graduating this year
we've been through thick and thin together
gd luck in everything that you auys do
must remember to visit us !!!
I love band!

michele at 4:26 PM