Thursday, April 28, 2005


this week totally sucks!
so many test to do !

anyway , yeaterday our class went to an island . guess wat?
it was Jurong island- such a terrible waste of time . and we had to pay $1 for entrance which is like so dumb la.
i think the only time that i really laughed was in the journey to that freaking island and the journey back to school . sat next to my buddy sheng wei and kept disturbing him. suddenly like to inflict pain on him - haha - he's like super weird lor . ask me to eat paper when i said i wanted oreo - oh ya ! where's my oreo?horrible guy
some more got ppl(lower sec) sae he very cute and gentlemently hor ? hahahahahahahaha so funny !!!

anywaes ,
i'll just try to update more often
keep laughing and smiling yeah?


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