Thursday, September 22, 2005


yay! I got 41 / 50 for biology which means I got A1 ! I also topped my class for math test - kinematics and got 19/20! hahahaha. Can't believe it . I failed biology once and was really very let down. Praise God for helping me! I really studied very hard and prayed very hard for it. Now I have the confidence to do well in it.
Tomorrow I have another test. It's functions from A .Math . I don't understand a single thing . Oh no. I musn't fail the test. If I fail then end of the year I'll also fail. I just don't understand why do we need to learn functions ? Worst of all , why do we need to learn sets? Stupid. I think all the topics in A.math is useless. All of them can't be applied to our daily life.
Phoon Yu the weird boy in our class is getting weirder by the day. He looks so childish and don't look like a very 'sick' person. But ever since he came back from the China trip, he became so 'sick' and start touching everyone be it gal or guy. He keeps touching my hand and keeps " raping" the two poor boys behind . I mean if you see Phoon Yu ,you won't think that he would do such things cause he only looks like a primary school kid and looks so innocent. But the worst thing of all is that he thinks that it's very funny and mature to spout all these nonsense around. You should know wat i mean. It's so sick.

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