Saturday, September 03, 2005

just to summarise everything -
my hatred towards guys is subsiding already but i still feel very disgusted -
it's like sooo disgusting and sick and annoying-
only jia yi will understand.
whenever i see a guy and a gal getting fresh or just holding hands, i'll just feel so disgusted. that's why clair, you have to understand why i don't like chilli or don't like that fact that you're with some freaking guy. it's all phsycological ( due to horrific experiences).it's so disgusting. they just remind me of rotten food mixed with vomit and houseflies and lizards. yuck!not all guys are like that - only some are exceprions and they are all from church.

anyway i love e337!
ariel is our cell grp leader. she rocks! i love being with my cell grp members. they really make me feel comfortable and i'm able to be the real me and not hide anything. i love em to
bits .

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