Friday, December 02, 2005

The BBG camp was fantastic. It was really wonderful. Like what clair have written, many had Holy Laughter. Pastor mike Connell was standing quite far away from me and he started to wave at me , as in like a fanning motion, then I Dunno why but I started laughing like mad. I didn't care who was around me I just started laughing like crazy , really crazy. I was rolling on the floor. You can ask Torrance and clair abt this.Many ppl were set free too. the demons were too terrified and started screaming. the presence of God was so strong.Uncle Felix also started smiling and laughing . Amazing!

Pst Mike Connell also taught us how to listen to the voice of God and also taught us how to prophesy over one another. Auntie Wendy(pst Ming's wife) was my partner and I had to prophesy over her. Imagine how nervous I was. Anyway I stepped out by faith and more faith and prayed for her. It was accurate according to her and I'm so happy. Every single session during the camp was so full of the Holy spirit. I will never forget this trip ever . It really is an eye opener to me. Pst Mike Connell was also very aware that there were ppl like us (as in the teens) and he called us up to be prayed for. I'm so touched and all of us really soaked in the presence of God during those 4 days.

I'm so glad that I went to that camp. It really changed my life and brought me closer to God.Now I know how to listen to God's voice !Yay! Our God is really a BIG BIG GOD!

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