Friday, December 30, 2005

i stayed for a few days in lorraine's house.. it was way cool cause it's so near to orchard and we went shopping like crazy! it was wonderful. i just love to shop ! however we could only shop after boxing day cause it was a public holiday and so orchard would be very congested so we went the next day.
anyway we spent the whole day either sleeping or watching FULL HOUSE!
it was my second time watching it and we kept laughing cause the show was terribly funny . i love the story's plot .it wasn't some typical korean drama where someone falls sick and dies . it's a real fun story plus there's a hot guy to feed your eyes upon ! not Rain but the other guy .. Kim Sung Soo! hee hee .
korean and japanese guys are hot but i heard that they treat their wives very badly so there goes my dream * i espeacially like the korean guy , lee byun huen , when he acted in Beautiful Days .. oh my gosh .. he is like totally hot la !

oh no i gotta go . He's calling me .. heh heh .. bye!!!!

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