Sunday, January 08, 2006

i finally got the Full house soundtrack ! i'm so terribly happy!!!!! yay!!!! aunty Janet rocks totally .. wonder where she got it from! oh my gopsh ! i can't believe it.. woohoo ! lorraine, be jealous , be very extremely jealous!!!! heh heh !

anyway this is the first week of school going on to the second week. i'm so tired. me and my friends were like sleeping all the way during class but since this is our o'level year..we can't afford to miss any important notes the teacher might say so we drank cofee during recess. it worked! for the rest of the day , we were all awake ! we had a long day that day .we ended class at about 4 p.m. cofee works miracles ! but i heard that it's quite addictive :)

michele at 11:10 AM



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