Tuesday, January 31, 2006

this is the third day of chinese new year. i'm dead tired plus later got ppl coming my house. this means more ang paos! hahah .

anyway yesterday i played cards with my aunts and uncles . i won $26 in less than 2 hours . haha . my mum lost money instead :) oh ya and my dog ate a chicken drumstick cause it's the dog year . weird right? didn't know have to eat also . then after that i brought him for a walk together with my cousin . then my dog picked up something which looks like a dried up branch. when we took a closer look, it actually was a dried up flattened chameleon! sick la .

so sian, tmr need to go back to school . then got no more public holidays for a long time .evryday will be lessons and tests . plus o'levels this year .

michele at 10:20 AM



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