Monday, February 27, 2006

it's a monday . the day school starts which might be a good thing for me .
yesterday i went to the East Coast park with my dad to cycle . i asked my brother to follow me but he was too lazy to move his fats from the couch . oh well it was real tiring . until now my legs are aching . while cycling , i saw this poor dog . the weather was so hot and the owner ( old lady) put on a shirt for the dog when it already had thick long fluffy fur . oh my gosh . the dog's tongue was already sticking out and it seemed like it was draggng on the ground . he looked like he was going to collape anytime . poor dog :(
anyway , i wanted kit kat and guess wat , he bought it for me . hahah . i'm so happy . i'm crazy today . like seriously crazy. i intend to ________________ tonight . haha :)
oh ya , i got 24/25 for my elective geography test . i'm the first in class! it's really a miracle cause i did not bring back my text book to study . i must really thank God and Sebastian cause they both helped me ! hahah . wonder why he got 17 instead of 24 ? hahah . that's because i'm a gal and he's a guy ! yay!
oh well i shall end here . i'm waiting for desperate houswives to start :)

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