Wednesday, July 19, 2006

haven't written for a long time .. anyway last tuesday i had a shock od my life..
my dear fren eadelin wrapped my present in lots of posters and pasted a huge pad on it ! she wrote happy birthday on it and it looke dused - horrible! it was super embarrassing . the present was like freaking hige.. bigger than our classroom table!

you see it?

anyway the next day we had to do our practical . while i was being very focused , titrating my potassium maganate solution , suddenly the whole room filled with smoke 1 i thought that nicholas burned down the house!

it was super foggy ! and chocking . it was the mosquito guy who went to spray that thing into our faces .. mr ong went to scold that guy! hahahah stupid freak-ass guy ... no wonder everyone's result was wrong - our solutions got contaminated! mrs teh- it's not our fault!

went to BBG last thursday . i thought here was cell grp so i went for make-up . i dunno why everytime i go to BBG i have to resign up again and agin. irritating . i'm like michael song's daughter ! how could some insolent ppl do this to me ! luckily got someone i know at the registration counter . actually i don't even need to sign-up . weird ppl .anyway, theer were koreans there! there was this guy in hot pink shirt - hahah super cute! i love koreans

anyway , i had a fun time yeaterday in the bus - with samuel, phoon yu, wei zhi.... haha .. smaule was like gaying with the "innocent" phoon yu .. just look at him - looks harmless right?

look again!

i had a fun time with them ! i was like laughing my ass out ! oh well . my parents are finally back from bankok. don't really miss them though . it's been like only 3 days. i get to do whatever i wanna do .

i'm currently watching a korean drama called my girl . i watch it for my hottie lee dong wook ! he's like so much hotter than wang lee hom! this is the difference between a chinese and a korean.. the hottness :) he's like super HOT ! the way he talks they way he moves the way he talks all fits perfectly in my list of expectations. i've made up my mind - i wanna marry someone just like lee dong wook :)

HE"S MINE ! muacks love you lots LEE :)

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