Monday, July 10, 2006

last friday, my school had SLF.. i couldn't care less abt it.

my frens and i in the end went to play cards ... it was that boring .. we sat there for like a few hours. i couldn't wait for it to end . totally useless. but at least we had a free day!
we ended up taking pictures again!

then we went back to class and took pics with the monster ! then i took pics with my lesbo partner ! way to go phoon yu!

hahaha.. there wasn't any teacher in class so we were fooling around. then suddenly we heard that there was a spot-check. i heard that it was because some guy stole speakers from dunno where ... that guy must be super desperate ! haha ... weird ppl. anyway everyone panicked like crazy ! haha .. i just kept my camera, i pod and phone in my extra pencil box . hahha.. but in the end there wasn't any spot check! how ridiculous ! that's super dumb la ... everyone panicked for nothing.

i shall stop here .. and continue another one like a few minutes later .

michele at 4:07 PM



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