Monday, July 10, 2006

last wednesday. i had a dining ettiquette class at BREEKS ( ang mo kio ) . i think that it's super impractical cause my school's at the east and the school went to book a restaurant at ang mo kio which is all the way to dunno where.
anyway coach luke taught us about fine dining . it was really interesting. since my class have like only 13 guys and 31 gals, i had to pair up with my girl fren.. hahaha ( didn't want to pair up with the guys ) . anyway, there is one rule which i learned and i'm very pleased to share it with you guys. when a girl needs to excuse herself , the guy has to stand up as well . but if a guy needs to go, the gal needn't bother at all! hahaha i love it! so the gals kept standing up and the guys had to stand up also.. it was really funny :)

anyway here's what we had ... a plate of salad , then mushroon soup ( below)

and when you're done, you have to place your spoon like this ( look below )

and that's what you have to do :)

and for our main course , we had spring chicken

15 min later .....

it was really nice.... we had brownies later on ..


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