Saturday, July 29, 2006

yesterday , during recess, some ppl were selling this sticky honey - i forgot what it is called in chinese but it is the honey where you eat it from 2 sticks. my fren bought it and then we sat down and talked with my frens. then i wanted to find for my wallet so i turned around . my HAIR got stuck to the HONEY ! OMG ! it was terrible. i had honey on my freaking HAIR ! my fren asked me to cut my hair off - but i didn't . i ran to the toilet with my fren and i rinsed it with water but i couldn't come out. luckily the toilet got soap so i washed it with soap . fortuanately the honey dissolved and got washed away ! it was terrible - i had the rest of the honey with me for the rest of the day
imagine this getting stuck onto your hair .. it feels just like chewing gum

then eadelin went to buy the honey and brought back to class. she went to stick the honey onto phoon yu's hair !she claimed that it was an accident but according to zsa , she ptick it into his hair and rub in more ! hahaha it was hilarious ! stupid phoon yu .

look at them at war !

had a fun time in school yesterday ... i got full marks for my math test :)

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