Wednesday, August 02, 2006

last last week was racial harmony day - we had to do this indian wedding thing wher we tied dunno wat flowers together . super dumb but difficult but at last me and jai yi finnaly finished doing it . and we had to do some paper cutting stuff for the chinese wedding . and guess wat ? our class came in FIRST for it ! super weird - wonder who the judges were ....

and on last last saturday night.. i was having so much fun together with my dear frens . me, jai yi, lisa, jin xin, qui qi, abby, phy , sheng wei, randolph, zsa , li ting, ead and nicolas went to qui qi chalet . and guess wat! i barbequeds my first chicken wing - i wonder if it's cooked ? hahah we were having so much fun . the chicken wings took a super long time to cook . i was on a mission and i had to cook my WINGS ! so the rest couldn't wait for me and they went to playr web first . only me, glendon, qui qi and abby were left to tend to my WINGS. i had to complete my mission. and i completed it in no time. but then we felt super sian and we decided to finish all the marshmallows. glendon was so sweet ! he helped me to babrbeque the marshmallows even though i burned his hand - oops ! hahah . so all of us ate all the marshmallows :) it tasted really nice !

on the following thursday , i went to BBG with clair and torrance..

pst mike conell was there teaching about deliverence . it was really amazing. and torrance bought for clair and i japanese poky ! hahah thank you torrance . i ate it all up during the service :)

i love pocky!

anyway our class had chemistry practical today . and we had to find out wat S was .. then we had to filter this and that and this and that . the colours were really nice especailally the copper something solution. it's real pretty

prelims are coming really soon - it's about two weeks away and i've only studied chemistry cause he forced me too - oh ya and i studied 3 pages of social studies already .. at least i'm making progress.. oh ya and pls meet mr wanton ! i'm so sorry gals - he's already taken by mrs wanton - i brought mrs wanton home today so thet they can have more wantons !:)

i hope the annoying 'hey ya' would stop following us . she knows that everyone doesn't like her cause of her attitude - bleh! disgusting little thing .. sick hypocrite - i wish that she'll stop annoying ppl and that she stops disturbing us . i hope that she will go home and suck her toe ! she's plain ANNOYING ! bleh! thumbs down for her !

just to be frank - she sucks a hell lot !

michele at 7:54 PM



at 9:29 PM Blogger MONKEY said...

hey michele
mr. wanton doesn't look like a wanton at all
love ya
laurA =]]

at 7:16 PM Blogger michele said...

that's mr wanton ok :) hahah



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