Friday, August 11, 2006

sadness is sick

i had a freaking B4 for my chinese o level! a stupid B4 . i got a merit for oral which i totally expected .. this sucks ! i expected at least a 3 . i'm feeling rather disappointed . even though my chinese might seem really bad to everyone,i got a 3 for my mid years . i really screwed the whole thing up ! only two ppl who can comfort me is wang lee hom and lee dong wook . but unfortunately , both of them are extremely busy with their singing and acting career

aren't they lookinh hot?!

luckily shawn , who's super sweet comforted me :) thanks shawn i really appreciate it . i felt so bad just now - thank goodness shawn cheered me up . thanks again shawn :)

raine! i miss you so much. when will you be back . you must come to my house to give me moral support when i study :) love ya

michele at 3:29 PM



at 6:55 PM Blogger xdolls. said...

i hope you will see this comment i tagg for your here! (:

i miss you too! and i really wanted to talk to you for ages and ages last night, but unfor i need to hang up because its an international call :\ lols. i will be coming back at the end of sept only, and please pray that lee hom is coming at the beginning of oct so we can catch his concert together! hahahs, and just spend our allowance on his most expensive ticket, and scream our lungs in the place! (:

dont worry, i will pop over to your place sometime during my holiday and talk to you, eat and def. catch up on all those fashion moments XD HEE HEE

love you too gorgeous.

p.s. if you have the time, head over to my blog at and leave a comment okay?

at 7:58 PM Blogger MONKEY said...

hey chele,
haha lee hom is loooking.....FINE....
haha =\\
ok um.. GOOD LUCK TO UR O-level
miss ya, love ya xoxo

at 7:59 PM Blogger MONKEY said...

btw, monkey is mee, laura ng =\\ =]]


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