Saturday, September 23, 2006

all you freaking stingrays out there !

this is a tribute to steve irwin - our hero

i've always loved watching the crocodile hunter - grew up watching it . it's such a pity that steve irwin died at such a young age . he's supposed to be someone who braves everything and takes on huge risks and manage to get out of it safely . however this time , he got stung by a stupid sting ray which is totally hilarious . he braved crocodiles , sharks and other fiercer animals but in the end , he got killed by a freaking sting ray - amusing huh!

he never fails to smile and what touched me most is what he said about his mission in life . he said that he believed that God placed him on this earth to save the endagered wildlife and that he will never stop doing that . i believe that he will remain in our hearts and be part of our memory forever.

thank you steve irwin , for opening up my eyes to the wildlife which you have placed your whole life to save .i thank you for everything that you have done to make this world a better place :)

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