Saturday, September 23, 2006

alright... so i've gotten back my results and have 13 pts ( including bonus pts) for prelims but i really don't know here the hell should i go now... some ask me not to go to CJC while othere say that CJC is better ... oh well i can't be bothered anymore
anyway the freaking phoon yu now has 75 marks for history as well - it's so unfair ! mr hardi moderated his marks and pushed him up to A1 ! now we have the same marks :( it's really a bad thing.
anyway yeaterday all the history students had a graduation "ceremony" where mr hardi prepared a phot and a note all placed in a sealed envelop for us . that moment was so so touching ... only mr hardi can do that ( can't imagine fong doing that ) i'll miss mr hardi the most - he'll be leaving the school together with us which means that i'll have to get his hp no. before he leaves - i'll miss mr hardi

yay! raine is coming back in a weeks time :) i can't wait to see her -i miss you so much !

and then we'll have to take more pictures together !

wang lee hom rocks :)

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