Thursday, September 14, 2006

haven't written in quite a long time and here are the photos of phoon yu just like i promised :)

i think that he's face looks really platicized - really creepy -

he looks like glendon in this picture ( sorry don't have his photo )

anyway last thursday , i had cell grp in sean's house and i led games ! i'm sure they were really horrified by me :) we played pass the parcel and then the battle of the sexes started .... males really and truly do not have any organizational skills ! it's really pathetic !

and i made sean drink this - he said it tasted a lot like milk and of course it did becasue i added in lots of milk - it's my latest concoction :) i'm sure it tasted really " great "

it looks really appetizing don't you think !?

i made my cell members do all sort of silly stuff - it's really fun to be the game master ! one should seize every oppurtunity to be one

even our new fren cannot be spared !

michele at 7:58 PM



at 1:21 AM Blogger Ckk` -// said...

Michele ! I see my video ! Nonono its not nice ! =P

at 1:44 PM Blogger michele said...

hee hee .. its niceee


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