Tuesday, February 27, 2007


i know i haven't posted for a while so here it goes .....

yeah , CNY is over - the most boring new year ever . my cousin is overseas and so i'm sorta stuck with all the guys . horrid feeling.
this was what i wore !

And to make my day even worse , a cousin of mine - even though i really wish we weren't blood related at all - made a bombastic comment which made me wanna kick him in the nuts ( if he had any ) . HE SAID EXACTLY THESE WORDS :" Michele , you put on weight ar ! " i was like WTH ! it's like i don't even know him well enough for him to make such a random and INUSULTING comment ! ( by the way , he's like 33 and he ain't married yet - i believe that he haven't even dated anyone before due to his "defeciency" in social skills ) NEVER EVER SAY THAT A GIRL HAS PUT ON WEIGHT OR WHATEVER EVEN IF SHE DID ! Given his revolting look and atrotious S*** of an attitude , no wonder he never had a gal friend or to make it sound even nicer , no girl ever liked him . Yup! what a creature ! the first thing which he always talks abt are the female teachers from Tao Nan School - my primary school because he teachs there .FEMALE mind you ! I see the word desperate here .

and when the rest of my cousins and i including my uncles etc and dad were watching a movie ( Black hawk down - super exciting ) he would just keep mumbling to himself . i think that he wants us to listen to his nonsensical retarded response to the movie . and when we were watching FEARLESS , he kept talking abt how Huo Yuan Jie would die and how he borrowed other dvds - the word ANNOYING was imprinted on his forhead , everyone could see it except for himself . what a huge generation gap . he should start planning for his lonesome retirement and pack it up with lots and lots of activities . oh ... his mother is weird too . she shaved off her side burns - i was like : WHAT A HUGE FASHION STATEMENT ! NOT -

i feel so ashamed that they bear the same surname as me ........ what shame ... what embarrasement ! i'm turning red ............

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