Monday, February 05, 2007

i love 1T03 !!!!
oh man , that's the best class ever ... cause , we are damn tight !!!! hahha
our class is crazy !
we were and are currently playng the angel and mortal game and all of us brought socks and all and my angel brought me lots and lots of sweets :) mmmm wonderful ... we were all going sugar high!
and ah pai just couldn't stop shaking . weird guy
and dinesh and charmain are the proud owners of our very own toy shop

it's really cool huh !

anyway i dunno why dinesh and company like pulling out my rubber band ... crazy ppl ... they got a really weird fettish going on !

oh and jason !! wooh .... i have to admit it , his a really hot catch . his indonesian chinese and the best thing abt him is his eye lashes ! woah ... you should take a look at them . his eyelashes should be framed up or something like that . their really beautiful !! hahah . luo er and i were liek " jason , after you come out from the army and earned a lot of money already then come and marry me "

then we were at the canteen table , and i was jokingly saying that i was from china . the jason was like since you're from china i'm not interested in you anymore . - that's so horrible right ? but that's not the point . the point is that he actually was interested in me which means that i still stand a chance since i'm not really from china .. hahha

i know that i don't look like the person in this picture but it's really me .

it's a nice picture :)


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