Saturday, February 10, 2007

yesterday was the dreaded D-Day.

everyone in class were panicking yesterday . it was the worst day of my life . i hate that feeling of suspense. i was afraid that i'll score more than 20 pts for o levels and then can't stay in CJC anymore and then no more 1T03 . the atmosphere was really tense in class . everyone were anything but themselves . we behaved in really weird manners like for example , vanessa suddenly broke down and gerald was staring into space . Luo er was also exceptionally quiet . SCARY ! the teachers knew that we would act really weirdly that day so they didn't really teach us much . Miss fan even allowed us to eat sweets to calm our nerves :)

i met qiu qi in class and we freaked out together . we waited for abt 2 and a half hrs before we got our results . i will never forget whatever happened . it was super frightening .

here's the results

English A2
Chinese A2
History A2
Combined humanities B3
A math B3
E math A2
Biology A2
Chemistry B3

L1R5 : 13 pts / 11 pts ( after bonus pt )
L1R4 : 10 pts

if you ask me if i'm happy with my results , i'll say NO ! not at all . but i'm glad that i can stick with 1T03 . Hope that we'll not get separated ! :)

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