Saturday, March 31, 2007

hahah ... i'm soooo happy

i've met like 5 frens this week :) ! anyway i just went to ben n jerry's - OMG ! the icecream made me a really satisfied . i love the strawberry cheesecake flavour !!!!

anyway , went to bowling earlier and i'm such a klutz ! i threw the ball into the drain like 3 times in a row ....... i know it's super loser . hahah

today is JASON's birthday ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JASON ! i'll always love you ! :) and yesterday was kinda sad . it was the last day vanessa was with us . we were really sad . we bought a cake for her and sang " so sad you're leaving " . she almost cried . then we played netball in the rain . the last netball game with vanessa . but it was good . VANESSA ! i'll never forget you ! 1T04 will always welcome you back and we'll always love you !

chinese lesson is always super slack .... always laughing at lao shi and all . gerald is like super retarded . keep on making me laugh at like nothing . oh and I'M THE CHINESE REP ! yeah !

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