Friday, March 09, 2007

i like this guy but i know it's wrong :)

hahaha anyway, my class managed to satay together ! we're now t4 ! hahaha and WE'VE BEEN DELIVERED FROM EVIL ! ( a certain someone left our class )

hahaha i'm so happy . i really love the guys from my class . They're so HOT , GENTLEMANLY , EXTREMELY HELPFUL , CARING , PROTECTIVE and FUNNY !( DINESH AND GERALD ESPECIALLY ) i love them all - you guys really make my day ! when i'm sad , you guys make me laugh . when i'm in pain , you guys help me to forget that it hurts ! I LOVE 1T04 ! we rock !!!!!

i know it's kinda random but i've also decided to join hockey it's super fun but tiring cause of the run - but it's fun ! and the holidays are just next week ! i'll really be enjoying myself all the way ! :)

i'm slowly regaining my voice but my throat still hurts . i'm now as red as a lobster ( sunburn ) and i have eye bags . it's not a good time to show myself in public but who cares ! \

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