Sunday, April 22, 2007

currently suffering from a literally leaking nose and a really bad throat .

to make matters worse , i dunno anything abt CMC! and i have a test tmr on that . i'm so dead . i need a miracle . i feel so exausted. i just wanna give up on everything now . but it's the ppl around me that supports me allow me to carry on . i really love you guys ! you should know who you are :) e.g. clair, torrance , mars , sean , 1t04...... etc blabla bla

i think i've lost weight since beginning of school term . it's so stressful . never ever getting enough rest . no social life and all . it's horrible . always cooped up in school and in work . even when i go for cell grp i have to tug along my history file to revise . it's pressurising. and whenever i feel stressed out , my shoulders will become really tense and then it'll hurt . life in a JC . how WONDERFUL it can be ....

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