Thursday, April 05, 2007

everyone in class was like super emo today ... maybe because we got reprimanded by our history teacher .... oh well :) i'll still smile

oh and GUESS WHAT ! i found a fren who stays like just opposite my house ! like OMG #^@!*&!!! it's fascinating and incredibly amazing ... cool !!! i was in T3 doing my hw . then suddenly small small eyes ask abt my brother , then after that we talk abt his school and all then we found out we stayed opposite each other . as you know , CJC is really far from KEW Estate . almost 99% of the cohord stays near teh school ir in the west so it's kinda of difficult to find someone staying near you . when we found out we just stayed a few doors across , me and nanda became hysterical ! we were screaming an dall ... just imagine the excitement :) hahhaha .. it was kinda scary for small small eyes becasue his eyes became smaller .

and i just learned something new today . soya bean milk actually make your chest bigger . and ah pie is actually drinking loads of them because he wants ms Johnson's assets ? it's weird . he's weird . everyone's weird .

oh and i went for POS yesterday . it was kinda fun . i'm gonna be the flyer and all . we tried to stand up in midair yesterday .i felt like falling backwards and my legs were shaking . I"M SCARED OF HEIGHTS ! the feeling is really in describable when you're high up there . NOW i understand how YAO MING the basketballer feels .when you jump off and try to walk away , you'll feel your legs being really wobbly and all . haha but it's a really fun experience .

i made more than 10 frens this week already !!! hahah i'm so happy :)

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