Friday, April 13, 2007

history is killing me !!!! omg .. i didn't have enough rest for this whole week becasue of all the assignments issued . there was like a huge miscommunication among the history teachers . and hence , causeing only distress among the students . SAD ... everyone was sleeping in class today cause all of us stayed up late into the night to complete the history essay . very tired.

anyway, my KNEE is injured again .. like OMG ! i didn't tell my parents or else they'll just flip out . and when i was in class today , i was walking to my seat and then i hit the chair with my left knee. OMG ! it was freaking pain . oh well , it's kinda expected that i'll knock into things and all .

and we celebrated luo er's birthday today !!! yeah :) she's so cute la ... hahah - I LOVE LUO ER :)

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