Saturday, April 07, 2007

what would i do for ice-cream...... ANYTHING ?

today , or should i say just now , my whole family went out in search of ice-cream. so we went to changi airport terminal 1 for swensens. we got out of the car an walked into the building and into the lift . then a sign was put up at a corner - sorry for the inconvenience , swensens is closed due to renovation . so we decided to just linger around that place for a while and look at the lights .

i know it's retarded but i think that it's really nice to look at lights .. while eating ice-cream :)

so ... we went over to terminal 2 for swensens. we got off the car , enetred the building and into the lift . we were walking and walking and walking but we couldn't find the damn restaurant . then we realised it's at the basement ....frustration was building up . so we took the escalator down . and to our horror, the queue was freaking wrong !!!! @$#%! frustration !! i wouldn't want to wait for the queue to subside and all .. i'm an impatient girl when it comes to ICE-CREAM.

so we decided to go to the big M to have ice-cream instead though i wan't into big M . the queue was kinda long but not as long as the one at swensens. so we queued. when it was our turn , the M person said that their ice-cream machine broke down ... WTH !!!! then my oh-so-smart dad siad that coffee bean had ice-cream. he seemed really sure and reasurung me that he ate there before . so we went there. there was a really heavy sewage stench at that area. anyway coffee bean doesn't have ice - cream. what a futile trip to the airport ......!!!arghhh

so we went back into the car and i insisted on getting my ice-cream. so we went to the drive thru .....and I GOT MY ICE-CREAM ... HOT FUDGE SUNDAE ! yummy :) the chocolate .... the ice-cream.... mmmm so blissful :)

oh yeah !!!! i've got my ice-cream :)

even though it ain't swensens .. it's till ice-cream though :):):):)

yup so i'm back home now . and here's something funny . i just caught the programme MR WORLD . it's a damn sick show !!! you see gays dancing and swinging themselves in a really gentle and weird gayish way ... super sick... AUSTRIA was HOT though ... hmmmm :)

MR WORLD is the weirdest show ever . they do weird stuff . weird show . it's so wrong ...and SPAIN WON! he's hot too .. just like fernando torres :)

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