Tuesday, April 17, 2007

it's been a really weird week .... so i got caught by bro paul and forced to go for detention , the day couldn't get any worse. i found out something really weird and astonishing . what a great start to the week i know . and i have to see MR michael tan every morning . a great start to the day . oh well life still has to go on . and NATASHA withdrew from school . i so love my life . and i'm currently CCAless cause apparantly i didn't go for one training and i got kicked out just like that . i feel really HAPPY ! yay !omg

and benny hinn gave my family US$300 which is abt $500 for using our car . yeah ... my car can fly ...

i'm slowly feeling disgusted abt myself once again . oh well . i can't do anything abt it ..it's just one of those days you know . though i may look all smiles outside , i'm really in a state of confusion and hysterica inside. that's wat makes up michele .

michele at 8:53 PM



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