Monday, April 09, 2007

oh today had POS practice .

it was quite fruitful :) anyway it's not confirmed that i may be the flyer due to certain issues but anyway it's really fun to be one. and today i dunno wat happened to me . the first hald of the practice was gd as in i could stand really steadily and all . but after that , i began to loose the touch and keep jumping wrongly . and i fell on my back - ouch . shaun and roland tried to break my fall but i just fell too fast . hahah . in then end , those two " heroes " fell with me also ... hahah
and shaun's like really strong . he practically lifts me up . super strong and tall!!! hahah very nice :)

i slept at like 1.30 a.m. last night which was a rare sight to behold . i usually sleep at around 9 plus 10 but the hw in JC is really piling up lie crazy . and today , a teacher really pissed me off . really really nad me furious . she doesn't deserve a teacher's day present from me . hmph. she made me even more grumpy today . oh and as i slept really late, i took a nap during break and man , did i really immerse into some deep sleep. i had dreams too .. hahah

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