Thursday, January 17, 2008

do you hear that noise ?

quote of the day : " I work best when I WANT TO " - Vanassa

all the senseless SD periods.... it's supposedly to enhance our view on life and help us develop to into a better person

HISTORY HISTORY HISTORY !!! so much work , so little time .

I think i'm a fundamentalist -
i'm against :
(1) homework
(2) big man dressed in white - you should know what i mean
(3) chicken rice . CHICKEN RICE should be banned . Anyone caught consuming or even inhaling that stuff would be immediately executed .
(4) people who give the big sobby eye pose . This is most typical of girls who like to be catogarised as "mutated organisms"
(5) darwinism - i don't want to have come from hairy creatures
(6) people with underlying motives - what's underneath their hair ?
(7) Bugs - exterminate them all


my brother is currently yelling about how hardworking he is and complaining that people don't know how he feels ( must be lots of pressure the virtual world has placed on him - so much wars to fight but so little time ) .... the younger generation .... * sheds a tear*

*by the way , someone left his/her juju at lecture theatre 4 ( history ) today on the chair . so if anyone think they lost their juju, pls tell me :)

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