Wednesday, January 23, 2008



This is to all my juju friends from class :) LOVE YA !!!

you guys have always cheered me on , especially during periods of time when i felt down. You guys have always been there for me, making everyday a fun day :) and of course i've definitely made you guys laugh too , at the expense of myself right ?

Cheryl : RETARD - never fails to encourage and make me laugh using her odd ways. never fails to make fun of me too - when i was feeling all intellectual and explaining how the US misinterpreted the USSR , she started giggling saying that i sounded like i was about to share a juicy gossip with everyone . SHE TALKS REAL LOUD

Luo er : Clumsy - made BREAKFAST for me ... how sweet is that! Always trips over things , FRAGILE ! She likes nodding her head and is labeled by miss soh as a 'BIMBO' and always having a 'Luo Er moment ' . But i still love her to bits .... and i know she Loves me too

Corrine : Dark Chocolate - extremely caring and dark too !!! She panics over little things, making her look real funny . Always struggling to stay awake during mdm Damo's lesson , just like me !!! hahha . A real sweetheart.

Dinesh : I'm pro-Israel !!! haha what are gonna do abt that ?
anyway, you've made school life much more enjoyable with all your silly actions and all . you never fail to make me laugh :) and you stood up for the ethical way of life , not artificiality !!!

Li Qian or rather Ah Pie : another person that fills me with laughter. Just looking at his rather child-like expressions makes me want to burst out . He's a good maths teacher though . Obsessed with man-boobs !

Zen : the only gentleman in my class :) hahaha . He offered to carry my chair back to class and even help me to pull out my chair!!! Makes me like Indonesians even more . I remember asking him if he had any girlfriend and he said , yes, lots of them ... hahah

: the sarcastic one . Yet so lovabble and huggable :) hahha , it feels good hugging him during rainy days, espeacially thunder storms . He talks rather slowly though

Samuel : the Queen B**** also known as Regina George , leaders of the Plastics . Has many suggestive poses , and of course, makes me laugh a hell lot . he knows everything and anything . never fails , i reapeat NEVER FAILS to fall aleep during LIT and GP lessons but somehow never ever get caught . the mysteries of life ...

I love you , you love me ,
we are happy family
with a great big hug and a kiss from me to you,
won't you say you love me too :)

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