Sunday, January 20, 2008

Trivia !!!

it's trivia time !!! yay !!!

#1 Did you know that one can tell how many readers there are to a blog through one's tagboard ? ---- oh is it true ?

#2 Did you know that blogs are meant to be read ... so it doesn't really matter who reads it ( P.O.I. everything and anything that i blog about is something which i don't mind letting anyone who reads my post know, so i don't really care about who reads them and who don't )

#3 Did you know that most people are self-absorbed ? ( "superiority complex" )

#4 Did you know that blogs are ONLINE diaries . it's not a personal one where you can hide secrets . it's an ONLINE thing so anyone can read it . in other words, whatever that you write goes public.

#5 Michele doesn't believe in peace - there's no such thing as peace

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