Friday, February 22, 2008

Conversations and Communication is important

Today was a really funny day !
during class today:

Me: Ah Pai is quite handsome .
Cheryl: Ok la . But**** (doesn't follow the name of the person ) is better.
Me: HUH? NO !!!
Cheryl: He's better compared to Ah pai.
Me: I still think Ah pai more handsome. Anyway, do you know who is the champion ?
Cheryl: Who ?
Me : ^^^^.... ( doesn't follow the name of the person )
Cheryl: hahahhahhahaa .. and I thought you were always joking....

We were sitting outside our class
We looked into our class and saw ah pai showing his own 'muscular' arms to himself, examining them
*started giggling like crazy*
when **** walked pass and smiled at Cheryl, she was so freaked
*started giggling like crazy*

*walked into class*

Sam: Tell me what you all were laughing about .
Cheryl: Michele you better not tell!
Sam: Tell me !!!
Me: I can't!!! Cheryl will kill me ...

Cheryl gave me 'THE LOOK' and we burst out laughing

Sam (points to me when cheryl looked away) : okok, tell me quick !
Me: Cannot!!!
Sam: Message me what you two were laughing about!!!

SAM !!! YOU'RE SUCH A SUCKER FOR GOSSIP !!! Anyway, what we were 'disucussing' wasn't gossip :)

michele at 5:21 PM



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