Sunday, February 17, 2008

It was the long awaited day for my family - my huge family

My dear cousin was finally getting married !!! Here's to Adrain and Caroline :) !!!
Grandma is going to be Great-grandma soon !

Everyone was all smiles yesterday. My aunty was so excited to the extent that she became breathless.

The wedding was held in shangri-la and it was awesome.
My cousins and I were the receptionist, telling people where their seats were, and observing people's dressing. The one that caught our eyes was this woman who came in a fake tan --- it was a really weird tone and she looked like she rolled herself in mud and it couldn't be washed off or something. The weird things people do . The food there is OMG !!! I've never tasted such incredible food in my life before- especially the fish --- it melts in your mouth. I heard that it costs a bomb ( abt $1300 per table ) for the dinner; $1300 per table for 32 tables ..... my cousin must be loaded .

My grandma was especially happy, wearing a really pretty qi pao and brimming from ear to ear.
My parents were also extremely delighted, since this cousin of mine grew up really closely to my parents-- always staying over etc , before he went to the states.

Anyway , my cousin and his wife would be going to the Maldives for their honeymoon ... I'm sure they'll ENJOY themselves there.
But they're going back to the states so we may not be able to see the product of their honeymoon unless we fly there ...( after the whole event , too tired )

My cousin, Christine is going back to Melbourne tonight. I'll miss her real bad. Why is everyone leaving ? It may be my turn next year...

And now we're waiting for my cousin, Rachel and her boyfriend, Darren to get married!!! That'll be fun !

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