Sunday, February 03, 2008

Lit night

Lit night on friday was just FUN !!! we got to dress up as gothic characters, but in the end, we just came in whatever we felt that was gothic.

This are one of the few events which makes CJC enjoyable and memoriable .

Thank you Corrine for sending me all the pics :)

Jason Ain't wearing anything underneath .....

The Screamer !!!

He's not any NESH but he is THE NESH !!!

Luo er's boots are just asking for trouble

My wonderfully gothic class :)

pure fun !!! I love you guys :)

And yay !!! It's chinese new year next week ... gonna gain like a 100 kilos when i get back to school . But i guess it'll be worth it . I wonder what history night would be like . Maybe we could dress as political figures and go around assasinating people !

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