Thursday, February 28, 2008

Men in uniform = HOT!


so there were countless number of 'men in uniform' in school today due to the escape of the JI(part of the 'greater' Al Qaeda) detainee from Whitely Detention Centre which is so very extremely near my school that is next to a forest.

We're so gonna be laughed at by Malaysia and Indonesia and Philippines and Thailand but especially Malaysia -- not that it'll matter -- but HOW DID HE ESCAPE ? I always believed that it's impossible to break out of Singapore's jail or detention , until now. I heard that he was using the bathroom. But he's limping, how did he escape ? !

and I agree with Luo Er, we're so gonna be tested on terrorism for GP. I bet Mdm Damo went back to the papers and correct the questions.

Hope that he'll be caught really soon and maybe he'll be placed in a huge fish tank, where there'll be no escape this time --- no potty sessions too .

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