Thursday, February 21, 2008

So right .... according to sean , I like BIG and FAT guys .
But He's not , except maybe for the big part ...

I've been living in horror!!!

Firstly, our really awesome history teacher scolded us "What kind of shitty work is this ?! Asians DO NOT like authoritarian rule. Are you all telling the Birtish that they should come back to colonise us ? That we're eager and begging them to colonise us ?! " etc etc

The next day , Bro Paul scolded us "I'm not angry at all of you. I'm extremely dissapointed! The amount of complaints I get from teachers ....... How prepared are you guys ?! "

Next period , Mdm Damo scolded us " I really can't stand it. All of you look dead. Do you know it's very hard for me to teach ? This class is ohhhh !"

Oh well , i'm off to do my History SBQn . It'll be our awesome teacher who's taking us tmr. She'll be putting our work on the visualiser so we better do a darn good job or we'll be hung on the wall with a bag over our heads --- to reduce the fright.

CJC rocks

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