Friday, February 15, 2008


happy Valentine's day to everyone :)
it's been really fun at school yesterady. i felt so loved

Jason gave me a rose
Dinesh and Gerald gave me a huge sunflower
Sean gave me a sunflower
Xue Ting gave me daisy or is it a carnation
Yi Jiang gave me a nice huge rose
xavier gave me a rose too :)
not forgetting the girls who showered me with all things sweet and chocolatey...

i'm so happy !!! :) Dinesh wrote for the girls a poem in the shape of a rose . Even though i dont't really understand it, it's still a really sweet gesture.
Yi Jiang was so sweet too :) He made me blush .
AND i made for everyone a really nice card. They must have really been touched cause i slept so late and put in so much effort making them . so much so that i had to forfeit spending Valentiens day with Clair to sleep . but anyway , she came over to talk ... she made me a really nice card too :)

I love my friends !!!! :)

They're all my valentines

I feel very LOVED ...

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