Thursday, March 20, 2008

Life as we know it : depressing ...

CTs was totally screwed. Spent too much time on history but that didn't pay off either. But oh well, its over i guess.

Dinesh went crazy today after playing with all the toy guns which i brought for history night rehearsal . He seriously looked like a terrorist from Congo or Somalia. Plus he just shaved his head. Viggy seemed to like guns too .... ( yeah, don't ask me what he was doing with dinesh )

and SAM came up with lots of weird conspiracy theories. Like how teachers are all robots - "the singapore government is good. Taxes are wonderful. M'sia is evil " - and how maybe one day mdm damo's circuit board would have a short circuit.

"you'll get carrots instead of cabbage today. i'm thinking of redecorating your cage. "
"Look at the 'Americans', they have 45% distinct oh no sugar...... "

SAM's the funniest ever. Dance like there's no tomorrow...

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