Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Can't help but ponder ...

What makes everyone so sure that MAN have actually stepped on the moon ? Maybe it was all just a set up , a green screen behind really professional actors dressed in aluminium suits and a fish bowl . It's just a hoax. What if everything around you is just an illusion? Can you really trust your 5 senses? Does the person who sit next to you during lectures and tutorials actually exist ? OR are you alone in this world? Or is it really a world that we live in ? Maybe it's just a mirage ... an illusion ... a dream .... how do we separate dreams from reality ? In the first place, are we even alive ?

Alright , enough of that talk.

Thursday 13 march

SAM : Dance like there's no tomorrow
ME: I hate you Sam , that song is stuck in my head now thanks to you.

Sunday 23 march
ME : How can you hate the US so much ?
CHERYL : (retardedly) BUSH ! BUSH ! BUSH ! ( Zen's eyes widens )
ZEN : I don't like AMERICA! Stupid US.
ME : Do you know what you have on you may actually be created in America or even made there? Even your underwear ?
ZEN : Nope ! My underwear is not made in US . It's batik ! You want to see ? Look ! It's Batik !

omg ZEN ! He hates US to the core, even boycotting Macdonalds. BUT , he likes mickey mouse and other Disney characters. Hahaha

two days ago
CHERYL : We should totally dress like nerds so we'll actually be nerds.
LUO ER : OK OK . Let's all dress as nerds.
ME: You two can go dress as nerds. I don't want!
LUO ER: We should go on another trip . Science centre?
CHERYL : Ok . Last time when i went there with my friends we dressed as nerds.
LUO ER: OKOK!!! We should dress as nerds too . Michele you can tie two high pony tails!
ME: *smiles*

I really wonder what's with them and dressing as nerds ......

Today 26 march
SAM : I fell down at J8 .
ME: hahahah . Was it embarrassing?
SAM: Of course. I landed on my butt . My legs went this way ( shows two fingers very much apart from each other ).

how retarded can Sam get ? VERY ! Throw cabbage and carrots into the CAGE !

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