Sunday, April 13, 2008

Good friends are hard to find

I GOT AN 'A' for project work * jumps for joy*
After much hardwork and effort, ranting and frustrations, at last , I got my 'A' !!!
My class did extremely well I must say (3 out of 4 groups got an 'A'), all thanks to Mdm Damo - truly her advise does help :)
We're indeed very blessed !

It's been a horrible week for me. Felt very down and burnt out both emotionally and mentally. It was like whatever joy that was left in me got sucked away by an invincible force. The pressure finally got to me. My mind was just filled with negative thoughts on failure and endless worries so much so that I fell sick.

But i just want to thank God for placing really good friends in my life, never failing to encourage me and bringing laughter into my life. Thanks Cheryl and Luo Er for giving me countless number of hugs and for the cookies and chocolate which spells 'stressed' backwards. You guys have been nothing but wonderful to me :) Sam's retardeness and nonsensical logic has also made school amazingly exciting and interesting. I really really love you guys . Life without you guys would be ... weird .

To Sean: I really appreciate you and I'm genuinely happy to have known you :) Even though you say I'm 'loud', 'noisy' and other stuff which I refuse to mention, you're always lending me a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on . I just feel really relaxed talking to you and I'm able to be myself in front of you without you judging me. Your goofiness makes me laugh and that is a good thing. I LOVE YOU SEAN !( I know you love me too ) You're really a good friend that God has placed in my life :)

*To Clair: cheer up :) everything will be fine... Sean and I love you :) I know you've always been there for me , encouraging me and standing up for me too ! And you always know what I'm thinking of or about to say . This is called telepathy. I LOVE YOU CLAIR !!! Known you for so many years already and it's been nothing but joy. You're my bestest friend and you'll always be !

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