Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Love me?

Mdm Damo is so hilarious.

When I asked Sam " Do you love me Sam ?"
He replied in a straight face " In the least romantic way ..."

Ok ... so he does love me .

History night is coming ! and i'm gonna be a cuban and those acting as them get to wear nice cuban looking sundresses as costumes :)
Anyway it's not gonna be a nice week for me.
To do list:
1.Two history outlines (equivelant to essays)
2.History research assignment
3.CSQ test on problems of macroeconomy
4.Essay test on macroeconomic policy and inflation
5.History night full dress rehearsal

There's somthing which kept me wondering. I brought a banana to school today. It was ripe and firm. But at math lesson today I realised that it became soft at the bottom. Does this mean that it's really spoilt? Does this mean that the rest of the bunch I left at home turned bad too ?

*SAM if you're reading this - You owe me ice-cream !!!

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