Tuesday, April 29, 2008

All in a days worth

One of those days where we were having lunch with our parents:
Michele: "I told him I'll still love him no matter what"
Isaac : " You actually told him that ? Wait he get more confused and get the wrong idea."
Michele: " No la . He won't."
Isaac: " How can you just say that to anyone ?"
Michele : " Aww, I love you too Isaac ! "
Isaac: " eeeewwww !!! "

Isaac is hilarious.
To Isaac: I'm not jealous ok! You invited someone else without inviting me to your play! And I know it's intentional :) hahaha. So stop giving me excuses.

For today's Social Development period, we had a discussion on the various religious perspectives of homosexulity in the auditorium.
A Buddhist vulnerable from Aussie land speaked to us, a Catholic Father from Spain was also there and a Professor of Islam which I'm not sure came from where was there too . The talk this week was much better and more interesting. I actually walked out learning something new.
Homosexulaity = Celibacy? ( they have some similarities if you think carefully )

It's history night tmr !!! and my class ain't prepared 100% yet. oh wells, I believe that everything would go well tmr :) and after history night we'll be going to SWENSENS for ICE-CREAM !!! and that's the highlight of the day !!! Sleeping over at Raine's to study with her . I'm such a good friend :)

I Love recieving hugs from LuoEr :)
I Love playing pretend with Samuel :)
I Love talking nonsense with Cheryl :) --- I'm NOT an AH LIAN !!!
I Love the massages from Corinne:)

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