Monday, May 05, 2008

History Night

Yay ! The History Night pics are out at last !!! History night was a wonderful :) We were all smiles .
And as usual , my class just loves taking pictures so here they are ...

yup . stop guessing . We love each other :D SAM LOVES ME !

My half hearted peace sign ... oh wells, i was nervous

YUP! that's my signature pose :D

all the pretty T4 cuban girls :)
Shermaine, Anne, Michele (Me) , Cheryl , Luo Er, Yus !!
My beloved T4 :)
we did an amazing job :) especially Dinesh and Zen who made everyone laugh their heads off .
I'm so proud of the ruggers :D they were looking so hot on the field , running around in those tiny little shorts.
Now all i have to do is to wait for the sports carnival pics from corinne !!!

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