Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Class BBQ

Class BBQ yesterday at the poolside at Jason's house :D
It was supposed to be a Kampong theme but we all came not looking like ppl from the kampong. I asked Cheryl why she was wearing the CJ pe shirt and she was like " CJ pe shirt very kampong what " , which is kinda true. So anyway , we had steak, satay, fishballs, Stingray, sausages, crab stick , bee hoon, baked macaroni and Max's baked apple pie. And of course we were fooling around.
Hui Min, Gabriel , Vanessa and VIGGY came!!!

Sam (and his new haircut), Gabriel, Me , Cheryl

We had a mean time, we're the mean girls :)

I LOOOOVE Cheryl !!!
Mdm Damo came to visit, she passed us ICECREAM !

all our failed attempts to get synchronised jumping shots.

Gabriel just couldn't be bothered....

SAM had a huge shock. In fact all of us did when a huge beast suddenly charged from behind us.

It was fun ! Looking forward for the next one .
p.s. we must remember to bring cutleries next time !!!

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